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Privacy Policy
revised: 04-Dec-2010

RedTrailers.com, Inc. is committed to protecting our users' privacy. The information we collect is to ensure secure ordering, to provide a more personalized shopping experience, to keep you informed in the future, and to help us provide the right products at the lowest possible price.

What information does the website collect?
Within the site we request a name and email address in order to add a user to our mailing list or to be able to respond to a question.

The website calls a third party website, coolcart.net, who is in turn the entity that allows for secure purchases to be made by our customers. The information provided by third parties to RedTrailers is for the purposes of providing shipping and contact information to best serve our users. None of this information is sold or passed on to any other person(s) or entities for any reason. You are encouraged to check the separate privacy policy of coolcart.net by using the following link:


While using our site, technical information such as IP address, browser type, operating system, keywords and the URL of the web site that brought you to our site are tracked. This type of information is kept to allow us to improve our site and to inform us of what parts of our site are the most important to you. None of this information is tied to any personally identifiable data.

In all cases your personal information is only provided to authorized personnel and steps are taken to keep it secure.

Does RedTrailers.com use cookies?
There are a few instances when cookies are used to offer a more efficient experience for our users. If, for instance, we ask you what state you reside in, we store that information in a cookie on your computer, so that we won't need to ask you again if you return to our site. Any detailed information that would allow someone to know your address or telephone number is never stored in a cookie.

How does RedTrailers.com, Inc. protect the privacy of children?
We take the protection of children as a very serious matter. While nothing in our website would be considered adult material, the protection of children's privacy is very important. Since the products we carry are not marketed to a young audience, we would not knowingly or willingly expect a child under 13 to enter private information into our site. In the event that a parent or guardian were to discover that a child has given us any information that is specific to that child we will take measures to delete and/or remove that information from our records. Please see the privacy contact information at the bottom of this policy for specific contact information.

Does RedTrailers.com, Inc. collect Social Security numbers?
We do not under any circumstances ask users for a Social Security number. Please note as you read this policy that RedTrailers.com, Inc. would caution anyone from providing this critical piece of personally identifiable information to any party without great care.

Does RedTrailers.com, Inc. purchase information about their customers from other companies?

When would RedTrailers.com, Inc. release private information to a third party?
We may provide personal information when disclosure is required by law (for instance, subpoenas, search warrants and court orders). We may also determine that disclosure is required to protect a party's rights, property or well-being.

Does RedTrailers.com link to other sites?
Our site does contain links to other websites. While RedTrailers.com, Inc. is not responsible or liable for the content or privacy of external websites, we encourage you to review their privacy policies.

How can I contact RedTrailers.com, Inc. with privacy issues or concerns?
You may contact our Privacy Officer by using the email address customerservice@redtrailers.com or by calling 800-391-6807. You may also contact us by mail at:

    RedTrailers.com, Inc.
    Attn: Privacy
    P.O. Box 377
    Quakertown, PA 18951 USA

How can I tell if this policy changes?
The date of this policy will be noted at the top of this document and will be posted for public review on our website at http://redtrailers.com/Privacy.asp. A revision history will also be noted at the bottom of this document.

04-Apr-2007  Revision 1.0  Initial Policy
29-Jul-2008  Revision 1.1  Update RedTrailers mailing address
18-Oct-2008  Revision 1.2  Update to CoolCart URL
08-Nov-2010  Revision 1.3  Remove references to PayPal
04-Dec-2010  Revision 1.4  Update privacy officer email address
22-Oct-2015  Revision 1.5  Update telephone number
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