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Front Mounted Accessories

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Part No: 6980

Front Mounted Receiver Accessory, Handle Kit for #6495 Winch Mounting Plate

Draw-TiteEach – US$147.56

Part No: 6715

Front Mounted Receiver Accessory, Spare Tire Carrier #6715

Draw-TiteEach – US$129.56

Part No: 6495

Front Mounted Receiver Accessory, Winch Mounting Plate #6495

Draw-TiteEach – US$104.56

Part No: C31006

Spare Tire Mount #31006

CurtEach – US$89.56

Part No: 6758

Front Mounted Receiver Accessory, Work Step #6758

Draw-TiteEach – US$79.56

Part No: C31001

Step Pad #31001

CurtEach – US$64.56

Part No: C31005

Winch Mount With Handles #31005

CurtEach – US$59.56

Part No: 5443

Front Mounted Receiver Accessory, License Plate Holder

Draw-TiteEach – US$49.96

Part No: C31007

Skid Shield #31007

CurtEach – US$44.56

Part No: 6771

Front Mounted Receiver Accessory, Receiver Tube Skid Shield

ReeseEach – US$38.56

Part No: C31002

License Plate Holder #31002

CurtEach – US$36.96

Part No: 90051

Receiver Lock, Bent Pin, 1/2" for 1-1/4" Sq. Receivers #63224

ReeseEach – US$10.96

Part No: 6985

Handle Grip for #6980 Handle Kit

Draw-TiteEach – US$5.56

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