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Fold-Down & Remov-A-Ball

Part No: 630044

Draw-Tite Remov-A-Ball® Gooseneck Hitch w/2-5/16" Ball, Rating 30,000 lbs #630044

BulldogEach – US$214.96

Part No: 6300

Remov-A-Ball Gooseneck Hitch w/2-5/16" Ball #6300

Draw-TiteEach – US$214.96

Part No: C60657

CURT Double Lock Under-Bed Gooseneck Installation Kit #60657

CurtEach – US$199.96

Part No: C60661

CURT Under-Bed Gooseneck Installation Kit #60661

CurtEach – US$189.96

Part No: C60635

CURT Under-Bed Gooseneck Installation Kit #60635

CurtEach – US$179.96

Part No: 8339

Deaw-Tite Fold-Down Gooseneck Hitch Platform w/ 2-5/16" Ball 25,000 lbs #8339

Draw-TiteEach – US$179.96

Part No: C61052

CURT Over-Bed Folding Ball Gooseneck Hitch #61052

CurtEach – US$169.96

Part No: C61100

CURT Over-Bed Fixed Ball Gooseneck Hitch #61100

CurtEach – US$99.96

Part No: C16104

CURT Universal 5th Wheel Base Rails #16104

CurtEach – US$99.96

Part No: C60606

CURT Double Lock Gooseneck Installation Tool #60606

CurtEach – US$79.96

Part No: 6425

Draw-Tite Template for Folding Gooseneck Installation #6425

Draw-TiteEach – US$69.96

Part No: C66150

CURT Gooseneck Hitch Cutting Guide #66150

CurtEach – US$15.76

Part No: C66113

CURT Gooseneck Safety Chain U-Bolt Kit #66113

CurtEach – US$9.96

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