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Part No: 119251

ZCI™ Zero Contact Interface Universal T-Connector & Installation Kit #119251

TekonshaEach – US$135.76

Part No: 119250

ZCI™ Zero Contact Interface Universal ModuLite® T-Connector #119250

TekonshaEach – US$129.96

Part No: C59236

CURT Multi-Function Electrical Converter Kit #59236

CurtEach – US$64.26

Part No: 119191

ModuLite® HD Protector w/Integrated Circuit/Overload Protection

Tow ReadyEach – US$54.96

Part No: 119192

ModuLite® Ultra Protector w/Integrated Circuit & Overload Protection Trailer Light Power Module #119192

Tow ReadyEach – US$54.96

Part No: C56236

CURT Multi-Function Electrical Converter #56236

CurtEach – US$50.96

Part No: 119190

ModuLite® HD Protector w/Integrated Circuit & Overload Protection Trailer Light Power Module

Tow ReadyEach – US$49.96

Part No: 118821

Taillight Isolating System w/4-Flat #118821

Tow ReadyEach – US$46.96

Part No: 119177

ModuLite® Protector w/Integrated Circuit & Overload Protection #119177

Tow ReadyEach – US$42.96

Part No: 119180

ModuLite® Protector w/Integrated Circuit Protection & Installation Kit #119180

Tow ReadyEach – US$41.96

Part No: C56192

CURT T-Connector #56192 for ACURA MDX

CurtEach – US$36.96

Part No: C57102

CURT 4-Way Flat Dual-Output Electrical Adapter with Backup Alarm #57102

CurtEach – US$34.96

Part No: 119148

ModuLite® HD Protector Trailer Light Power Module & Installation Kit #119148

Tow ReadyEach – US$29.97

Part No: C56175

Circuit Protected Converter Module w/*NEW* Surface Mount Technology

CurtEach – US$29.96

Part No: C57672

CURT Duplex Electrical Adapter #57672

CurtEach – US$29.56

Part No: C57003

CURT LED Trailer Light Adapter # C57003

CurtEach – US$28.96

Part No: C56146

Powered Converter w/ SMT - Circuit Protected #56146

CurtEach – US$28.96

Part No: 119147

ModuLite® HD Protector Trailer Light Power Module #119147

Tow ReadyEach – US$24.97

Part No: 118158

Taillight Converter for Connecting Tow Vehicles w/2 Wire Systems to Towed Vehicles w/3 Wire Systems

Tow ReadyEach – US$24.97

Part No: 119130

Taillight Converter with 4-Flat Car End Connector

Tow ReadyEach – US$24.96

Part No: 118150

Tow Ready ModuLite® Wiring Kit #118150

Tow ReadyEach – US$24.96

Part No: 119179

ModuLite® Protector w/Integrated Circuit Protection #119179

Tow ReadyEach – US$22.97

Part No: 119178

Tow Ready #119178 Taillight Converter with Integrated Circuit Protection

Tow ReadyEach – US$19.97

Part No: 707295

Wesbar Taillight Converter w/12" Leads and 60" 4-Flat Car End Connector #707295

WesbarEach – US$18.96

Part No: 118710

7-Way European Style Round Pin to 4-Flat Adapter 118710

Draw-TiteEach – US$15.96

Part No: 118175

Taillight Converter with Intergrated Circuit Protection

Tow Ready2 LEFT – US$15.96

Part No: 31823

TLC!™ Smart, Taillight Converter 55" 4-Flat Car End Connector #31823

Hidden HitchEach – US$15.96

Part No: 78115-114

REESE Towpower 4-wire flat professional 4-Way Flat Includes Bothnb Ends

ReeseEach – US$14.96

Part No: 3194-S

Battery Post Adapter Battery Post Adapter #31947-S

TekonshaEach – US$12.96

Part No: C56415


CurtEach – US$12.96

Part No: C55152

Curt Poweed Converter Wiring Kit, 15 AMP

CurtEach – US$12.96

Part No: 118151

Wiring Kit for ModuLite® Power Modules #119151

Tow ReadyEach – US$8.97

Part No: 7011A

Tekonsha Circuit Breaker #7011A

TekonshaEach – US$5.96

Part No: 7012A

Tekonsha Circuit Breaker 30amp #7012A

TekonshaEach – US$5.96

Part No: 38659

SPDT 5 Terminal Micro Relay #38659

Tow ReadyEach – US$3.96

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